Aeroschool is about learning through aeromodelling.

Aeromodelling has traditionally supplied world industry with enthusiastic, skillful and independent learners . .

Historically Aeromodelling has been a hobby and only taught in schools as extra curricular clubs and societies - mainly due to practical issues and cost.


But now, as materials and processes are more affordable and more readily available and controlled flight becomes relatively easily accessible, we seek to promote Aeromodelling as a mainstream subject that is rich in STEAM content, history and a wide variety of applications.


Aeromodelling deals with risk, success and failure. This develops character, courage and critical thinking skills. It also delivers hand eye coordination and spatial awareness. Aeromodelling can now be done in sports halls and outdoors alike.

We, like many modelling suppliers provide a small range of educational kits designed to challenge thinking and develop skills. But more than this we want to facilitate original design as students explore flight at their own pace - not just being given ready made products but making products that serve a purpose and do something magical - fly!! For this reason we have invested in technology that facilitates rapid making, reptition and accuracy. Building need not take weeks but hours so that 'mishaps' are rarely disasters and where failure is an exciting part of learning.

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